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The AntRouter R1-LTC: Mine Litecoin with the R1-LTC WiFi router

2.4G Wireless Router
This router supports WiFi speeds of up to 150 Mbps as well as the 2.4G WiFi standard. In addition, this router supports WiFi transmission rates up to 150Mbps and WEP/WPA/WPA2 and PPPoE encryption.

Enhanced User Experience
The AntRouter R1-LTC’s user interface utilizes open-source OpenWrt firmware. The Web-based OpenWrt firmware version offers a fast, powerful, and smooth client experience.

Litecoin Mining and Lottery
Mine Litecoins at a slow yet steady rate using this ASIC mining router, yet use no more power on average than your standard WiFi router. By leaving the router powered on, clients have the chance to win 50 Litecoins every five minutes. Even when users don’t hit this jackpot, though, they still earn a small but continuous steam of cryptocoins due to the network difficulty of Scrypt coin mining.

Many Scrypt Coins, Any Pool
Designed for mining multiple types of Scrypt coins, the AntRouter R1-LTC has been testing using Litecoin. In theory, it can mine any and every type of Scrypt coin. Unlike with the previous AntRouter R1, you can choose the mining pool with the AntRouter R1-LTC.

Portable Device Charger
Charge almost any device on the go with the built-in USB port. The router continues to work as a Scrypt coin miner and as a portable WiFi router while you’re charging your phone or other USB-compatible digital device.

Portable, Pocket-Sized Design
The compact design of this router allows you to take it anywhere in your pocket. Mine, surf the Web, and set up a wireless Internet hotspot anywhere you can get an Internet connection.

The BM1485 ASIC Chip
This innovative chip was designed by the engineers who brought you the single most energy-efficient Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chips used in Bitcoin mining hardware. The BM1485 chip is the first new ASIC chip to be designed in over two years. Now you can use an ASIC chip for Scrypt coin mining.

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